Benji 2

Benji 2
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Model: Benji 002
Manufacturer: Compucage

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Compucage Benji 2 is a sleek, versatile solution to your laptop security concern. The Benji is for office and home use and works great for your kiosk.


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Why use a Benji 2?



A strong visual deterrent that discourages opportunist thieves.


Does not block off access to the ports.


Most laptop thefts are internal thefts. When locked in the open position, the laptop cannot be concealed and will not get past the security cameras.


The special laser dimpled keys cannot be duplicated at a conventional keysmith. You don't have to worry that someone made a duplicate of your lent out key.


The Benji 2 can be bolted down to a desk, podium or cart or affixed with a cable


Additional Key Features


  • Its high visibility makes it a strong deterrent against theft.
  • Hardened, tamper-resistant components and a high-security lock ensure maximum protection.
  • Strong, simple and robust, it will give you years of protection.
  • Vinyl coated to add to appeal and protect your computer from damage.
  • Can be bolted down to surface with bolts for maximum protection.
  • Designed to not restrict airflow or access to cables.


Read and download the Compucage Warranty




Model Width Weight Box Dimensions
(H x W x D)
Benji 2 10½" - 15"
(26.67cm - 38.1cm)
3 lbs
4" x 6" x 12½"
(10.1cm x 15.24cm x 31.75cm)
Benji 2 XL 13½" - 18½"
(34.29cm - 47cm)
4 lbs
4" x 6" x 16"
(10.1cm x 15.24cm x 40.64cm)

*All measurements and weights are approximate.


Benji 2
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Benji 2
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Benji 2
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Benji 2
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