R-8620- 10

R-8620- 10
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Model: R-8620-10 - stock clearance
Manufacturer: Compucage

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The Compucage R-8620 is an easy and effective way to protect your latop in your home, office hospital carts, universities, and libraries as well.


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Why use the R-8620?

The Compucage R-8620 is the latest in Laptop protection. This alloy steel offers a robust, attractive, and stronger deterrence alternative than the old security slot system.


Developed for the retail environment, the R-8620 allows Laptop to be completely cable-free. Non-intrusive to the display, it provides the security that has been trademarked by the Compucage line of products.


The R-8620 allows easy mounting on store shelves or libraries. It’s available in 10”, 13”, 15”, 16 ½” and 19”. Standard sizes making it ideal for retail, hospital carts, universities and libraries as well.


Additional Features


  • Installs in seconds.
  • Hardened, tamper-resistant components and a high-security lock ensure maximum protection.
  • Non cable design.
  • Strong, simple and robust, it will give you years of protection.
  • Locks your cmputer firmly to a table.
  • Access to drives and cables.
  • Vinyl coated to protect your computer from damage.
  • Laptop has the ability to swivel.


Read and download the Compucage Warranty




Model Width Weight Box Dimensions
(H x W x D)
R-8620 10 10"
2.6 lbs
3¾" x 6½" x 11½"
9.53cm x 16.51cm x 29.21cm)
R-8620 13 13"
2.8 lbs
3¾" x 6½" x 14½"
(9.53 x 16.5cm x 36.9cm)
R-8620 16.5 16½"
3.2 lbs
3½" x 6¾" x 17¾"
(8.9cm x 17.2cm x 45.1cm)

*All measurements and weights are approximate.


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R-8620- 10
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R-8620- 10
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R-8620- 10
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R-8620- 10
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R-8620- 10
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